The Esmeralda story

A gift of love

When I was born in Colombia by diplomatic parents, my father wanted to show his gratitude and gave my mother a beautiful silverring with emeralds, the national stone of Colombia. By impulse my mother then thought about naming me Esmeralda, the spanish word for emerald, but thinking about it more rationally, I was instead named with a more swedish sounding name.

Esmeralda means brilliant and finding this story when my mother passed away last year inspired me and made me feel that I can contribute and make a difference!

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Scandinavia LoveNotes

Did you ever think about how music makes you feel, how words affect you and why you remember from who you received a jewelry gift? It seems that music, words and jewelry all affect our body and mind whether we give or receive!

Combining my love for music, words and my jewelry background, Scandinavia LoveNotes was born – Jewelry for music lovers designed to give you opportunity to express personality and feel good and with a vision to support activities involving music and health!