About us

Welcome to Scandinavia LoveNotes

the values of my brand

PERSONAL – express personality

CONNECTIVE – connecting people, music and jewerly

PEOPLE-FRIENDLY – make you feel brilliant wearing and leave with a smile having done good for yourself and others.

notes of love and joy

a love for notes

I´m Karin – founder of Scandinavia LoveNotes! I´m happy to present my own brand of sterling silver jewelry Scandinavia LoveNotes

Did you ever think about how music makes you feel and why certain music sticks in your mind?

Or thought about how words and writing affect us in different ways
depending on how they are said or written?

Or why we often remember when and from who we received a jewelry gift?

Choosing a name for my company was easy as I simply LOVE NOTES – both musical and written ones and it amazes me how body and mind can be affected by music and words regardless of if we are performers, audience, readers or listeners.

I'm standing to the right, to the left my sister Marianne, designer of this webshop. Photo: Jonas Hellmér

pure magic

music will guide you

Music has magical powers and during the pandemic we have seen many examples of how music has helped people build bridges even when we can´t meet live. Recent research has also found beneficial effects of music on aging and helping people with different health conditions.

Additionally, while we are drowning in digital messages these days, receiving a handwritten message in our mailbox, makes us feel more valued as a person.

adding a touch of love

like music to me

Being a jewelry expert from profession, I also know how jewelry can make us feel beautiful and strong and how that moment stays in our memory!

It seems that music, jewelry and words have a common trait – that they somehow affect our brain and how we feel!

Connecting my passion, skills, these insights and adding a touch of my love for the Italian language as italian terms are used in music and the language itself is like music to me – the idea of Scandinavia LoveNotes was born with the vision of giving music and jewelry lovers opportunity to express personality and feelings with silver jewelry and words! 

Whilst aiming to give on to others through supporting musical activities and reasearch involving music and health.

thank you!

special thanks to you

Ateljé Idé – webdesign and graphic design

Beyond Quartet – barbershop quartet and ambassadors for Scandinavia LoveNotes

Fotograf Tommy Jansson – model photography

Siri Prydz Design – design musical symbols

Sven Ljung Design – logotype