love and passion

The power of RED!

Red is an amazing colour! According to colour psychology our brain is affected differently depending on what colour we see! Red symbolizes strenght and energy and can even increase our physical strength! It´s also the colour we spot first in a room – Lady in Red! And the colour of love, passion and Valentine! For a music lover, maybe a gift of love could be a unique handmade G-clef or a necklace with an engraved musical symbol?

Andante collection

Soft shapes like a summerwind

Summer is a time for enjoying life at a slower pace and create beautiful memories, like pearls on a string. Presenting Andante Collection – Andante in music implies a slow tempo. The design of this line uses soft shapes to make products suitable for everyday use, whatever the occassion.

chiavi collection

perfect gifts for music lovers

A brand for music lovers of course includes musical symbols.! Italian is used for musical expressions and chiavi in italian means keys/clefs. Clefs are important in music as they tell us in what key the music is written - so what notes to play or sing. Music also holds a key to our heart enabling us to deliver a gift from within!

Presenting Chiavi collection, beautiful clefs in sterling or goldplated sterling silver - the perfect gift for a music lover!

Al segno collection

Female strength

Sometimes we have to be braver than we feel and remind ourselves that we are strong! Presenting Scandinavia LoveNotes symbol for female strength – combining the musical term f (forte) meaning strong with the female sign. The perfect gift for graduation when starting a new phase in life or for anyone who needs a reminder of their inner strenght! ❤

Music to me is about connecting – regardless of age, gender, origin or physical challenges such as age, sickness or even being blind – in music we connect and share the same language. ❤
Photo: Unsplash Hanna Busing.

A gift of love

Sometimes the best gift is letting that special person in your life choose freely from the heart! Choosing for ourselves makes it likely that we will use the product and bear in memory that special gift.

Opening a giftbox also creates a special moment, so we recommend sending your giftcard by post. If delivered so, the giftcard will be nicely giftwrapped in a beautiful drawer paper box that can also be used for storing the jewelry.

Choose physical or digital giftcard in the slider to the right/below.

espressivo collection

The musical term espressivo means with expression. The Espressivo is a line of gift cards with musical symbols for expressing wishes in different situations.

symbols to engrave

inspired by music

With inspiration taken from the symbols used in music, I’ve had help to design special symbols that in addition to their muscial meaning also involves a personal trait or extra meaning. You will find jewelry with these symbols engraved in the collection Al segno!

Al segno loveclefs

Two base clefs interfacing creating the shape of a heart. This is a symbol of strong love for the music and especially for those who can manage to sing in a lower register!

Al segno angelnote

This symbol is a combination of a note and an angelwing. Music impacts us in different ways – it can help strengthen and heal us, but also have beneficial effects for people with different diagnoses such as autism, alzheimer´s disease etc. Thus the Angelnote necklace is a reminder to let the music guide and protect you and be with you always!

al segno musical cat

The musical cat is for the woman who loves music and cats! The cat is associated with femininity and stands both for independence, softness and a bit of magic – as we all know that the cat has 9 lives.

Here we played a bit with the shape of the G-clef and transformed it into the shape of a cat. The perfect gift for a cat & music lover!

al segno forte

The Forte symbol within music indicates that the dynamic should be strong! Here, the Forte symbol has been combined with the female sign and been transformed into a powerful symbol representing female strenght! A piece of jewelry to remind you of your inner strength!

create your own

The productlines Al segno ellips and Al segno token are available with the above symbols engraved. Look out for new symbols coming soon!

Special thanks to Siri Prydz for designwork with the symbols and thoughts behind.

All items in the Al segno collection can also be further personalized with special engravings. To get your special engraving request – Please use our contact form and I will get back to you shortly!

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