Chiavi collection

Chiavi is the word for keys and clefs in italian. Keys and clefs play a central role in creating music. Music also holds a special key to our hearts and thereby allows to us to deliver a gift from within!

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Salvagente collection

The italian word salvagente means lifesaver. In this collection you will find products developed in collaboration with organisations providing activities or research connected to music and health as a way to help people improve their quality of life.

Victoria collection

The name Victoria means victory, is of latin origin and is the feminine variant of Victor. The Victoria collection is enhanced by large high quality crystals in an elegant setting to empower you and make you strong – ready to conquer anything!

Al segno collection

The musical term al segno is a navigation marker and means going to the sign. Signs and letters can convey feelings depending on how they look and are written. The Al Segno collection allows you to personalize a message with words, musical symbols etc and express yourself!

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Esmeralda collection

The name Esmeralda means brilliant! The brilliance of beautiful high quality crystals in the Esmeralda collection can make you sparkle from inside and out!

Appassionato collection

The musical term appassionato implies that the music should be played with expression and passion! The Appassionato line is a statement of expression with it´s majestic look and sparkling finish designed to make you feel fantastic and passionate!  

Punto Collection

Punto in italian means dot and is of great importance in music. A dot can indicate prolonging the value of a note or tell  how a note should be played – for example a dot over or under a note means that it should be played staccato – short and apart.

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